My Motherland

Орал қаласы Зеленов ауданы

Рубежин жалпы орта білім

беретін мектеп балабақша кешені

ағылшын тіл пәні мұғалімі

Уразбаева Аккибат Клышбаевна

The theme of the competition: My Motherland
The aim of the competition:
To develop communicative skills and abilities, to develop the students’ interest in the subject of English to educate the feeling of love and responsibility for our country.
The visual aids: the state symbols, the map of Republic, pictures
The procedure of the competition:
Teacher: Welcome to our game. I’m sure you like to watch this competition on TV and know its rules. The theme of the competition is “My home land”. Two teams participate in this competition. Each team consists of 4 participants. Please introduce yourselves. The members of our competent jury will count in points. They are: Kenesova K. Bekibaeva G.
Let’s begin our game.
The first round is called “Do you know this?” It includes 10 questions for every team.
For the first team:
1. What is the national symbol of Kazakhstan?
a) the rose
b) the bald
c) golden man
2. Which month is the day of Independence celebrated in?
A) May
b) March
c) December
3. Kazakhstan is situated in ….
a) Central Asia
b) Europe
c) Australia
4. What river is Astana situated in?
a) The Ishim
b) Syrdaria
c) Assa
5. When do people of Kazakhstan celebrate the day of Constitution?
a) the 1st of January
b) the 22nd of Nauryz
c) the 30th of August
6. Who is the author of the poem “I’m Kazakh”?
a) K. Myrzaliev
b) T. Moldagaliev
c) O. Suleimenov
7. How many big cities has Kazakhstan?
a) 84
b) 76
) 64
8. The famous Kazakh poet …
a) Abai
b) Auezov
c) Dulatov
9. When was the first Prezident of Republic elected?
a) in 1993
b) in 1992
с) in 1991
10. Ahmet Yassaui Mausoleum is in ….
a) Shimkent
b) Almaty
c) Turkestan
For the second team:
1 The largest city is ….
a) Almaty
b) Astana
c) Karaganda
2. The head of state is …
a) khan
b) president
c) prime — minister
3. Medeu was built ….
a) 1975
b) 2000
c) 1972
4. How many colours has Kazakhstan
a) blue and yellow
b) red and white
c) green and red
5. The state language of Kazakhstan is ….
a) English
b) Russian
c) Kazakh
6. The population of Kazakhstan …
a) 17. 560 000
b) 16 870 000
7. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until …
a) 1990
b) 1997
c) 1995
8. When is the Capital City Day?
a) 7th of July
b) 6th of July
c) 16th of July
9. What part of Kazakhstan do you live?
a) in the south
b) in the north
c) in the east
10. How many countries does Kazakhstan border?
a) 6
b) 4
c) 5
The second round is called: “Yes” or “No”
For the first team:
I’ll give you 10 questions, you’ll answer “Yes” or “No”
1. Is Kyzylorda the capital of Kazakhstan? ( No)
2. Is Almaty the largest city of Kazakhstan?( Yes)
3. Is Nauryz celebrated in March?( Yes)
4. Are there 19 regions in Kazakhstan?( No)
5. Is dollar the currency of Kazakhstan?(No)
is the Khan Tengri the highest mountain peak?(Yes)
6. Is cricket the traditional game of our country? (No)
7. Is mild the climate of Kazakhstan? (No)
8. Was in 1998 Akmola renamed Astana? (Yes)
9. Was new anthem “My Kazakhstan” by Sh. Kaldayakov and N. Nazarbaevadopted in January in 2006. (Yes).
For the second team:
1. Is Kazakhstan a democratic, legal and social state? (Yes)
2. Are oil and gas national recourses of Kazakhstan? (Yes)
3. Was Kazakhstan established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1990?(No)
4. Is Nauryz kozhe the Kazakh traditional food? (Yes)
5. Is Taraz the historical city? (Yes)
6. Is “My name is Kozha” written by M. Auesov?(No)
7. Do you live in Kazakhstan? (Yes)
8. Is there Torgai river in Kazakhstan? (No)
9. Is oil produced in Arkalyk? (No)
10. Is there the monument of Konaev in Taraz? (Yes)
The next round is called “Go on”
I’ll read the beginning of the sentence and you continue it.
For the first team:
1. The most well — known 19th century Kazakh composer was … ( Kurmangazy).
2. The Kazakhstan national art gallery is named after its famous artist … (Alikhan Kasteev)
3. The nickname of Almaty is … (The City of Apples).
4. The deepest lake of Kazakhstan is …( Balkash).
5. Our traditional home is called … ( kyiz yu).
For the second team:
1. The symbols of Astana are … ( Baiterek, Khan Shatyr).
2. The second Mecca in Kazakhstan … ( Turkestan).
3. It is made of milk. It is our traditional food. ( cheese)
4. She get Grand prize of Song Contest “Golden Orpheus”, Bulgaria for song “Alia”. ( Roza Rymbaeva)
5. It is our religious holiday How is called? ( Kurban Ait).
The last round is called “ Make up sentence”
For the first team
o m t h i k a m y n a e s t a r l d a h k z s n
For the second team
l k A v e s n k w t o e z a h a
We have finished our competition. The jury will declare the results of the competition.

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