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Сабақтың тақырыбы: My school subjects

Grammar : Present simple and There is | There are structure

Сабақтың жалпы мақсаты: Presentation of the lesson talking about School subjects and using structure There is | There are
Оқушылар үшін оқу нәтижелері To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills
Негізгі идеялар to bring up love and interest to their flat and house, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom
Сабақта қолданылатын материалдар: Жұмыс дәптерлері,интернет материалыАяпова 6 сынып
Оқыту әдістері: 1Топтық жұмыс

2. Жеке жұмыс

Дерек көздер: English оқулығы, Teacher’s Book, , жұмыс дәптері,
Тапсырмалар: 1.мәтінді оқу 2.жаңа сөздерді теріп жазу 3.сұрақтарға жауап беру 4.жаттығулар орындау
Мұғалімнің сабақ бойынша жазбалары

А- білу

1.Үй тапсырмасы

2. 10 мин тест

В- Түсіну


С- талдау


Д- жинақтау


Блум таксономиясы бойынша сабақ жүргізіледі:

I.Organization moment : Greeting with the student , Get ready them for the lesson, Asking day and date Greetings

-Good morning children?

-How are you?

  1. A talk about on duty

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

c) A talk about the weather?

-What day is it today? -What season is it now?

-What date is it today? — What month is it now

II.Knowledge: checking home task poem ‘My school’

Present Simple

Warm up:Choose one of these stars

  • Pink – you will be active at the lesson
  • Violet you will be purposeful at the lesson
  • orange — you will be talkative at the lesson

Before begining our lesson let’s change these numbers into letters

13, 25

19, 3, 8, 15, 15, 12

19, 21, 2, 10, 5, 3, 20,19 Yes, this is the theme of our lesson

Comprehension: Using grammar present simple.
Application :1. It’s time to solve the crossword. Find 8 names of subjects from the puzzle and write it on your copy book

Vocabularies : Name of the subjects

Subjects Lesson

Kazakh language Russian

English Mathematics [ Math]

Literature French

History P.E [Physical education]

Music Handicraft

Since Biology


2. Students write their time table using vocabularies

There are 5 lessons on Monday

They are Kazakh language ,Russian, English,Mathematics [ Math]


We have English and History on Monday and Thursday

3. I like…..

I don’t like

My favourite subject

Analysis: 1.Translate sentences

  1. What subjects are these?
  1. Read the letter and put the words in right order: learn, magic, Howard, London , at 9 o’ clock, helps

Dear friends,

I’m Harry Potter. I live in …

I go to …. School.

My school starts ….

We study many interesting subjects.

We …. to fly, to speak to animals.

We read … books.

My favourite subject is English of the future.

I want to learn Russian. It …. me to find friend in Russia.


Synthesis: Answer to Harry porter completing the poem

We are …

We live in …

We go to …

School …

We study …

English is …

We speak

We like …

School …

In free time we ….

We …

Thank you …


VIII.Home task

  1. To write a letter Harry Potter about our school
  2. Make a crossword with the name of subjects
Giving marks:

The lesson is over . Have a nice day

Lesson plan

ENGLISH II term 7 grade
The theme of the lesson My school subjects
The aims of the lesson:
  1. To develop students speaking, listening, writing, communicative skills.
  2. To speak about school subjects
  3. To practice the use of the Present Simple Tense.
Learning outcomes:
  1. Students will be able to talk about schoolsubjects, using topical vocabulary.
  2. SWBA to ask and answer the questions on the theme.
  3. SWBA to do presentations about school.
The main idea of the lesson: Talking about school subjects
Resources: CD, active board, cards, grammar chart.
Equipment: Flipchart, sheets of paper.
Exercises Teachers activity Students activity
I. Org. moment 1. Greeting of teacher

2. Lets wish each other something good.

1. S-s greet the teacher

2. S-s wish each other wishes.

1 min.
Discussing of criteria of assessment
II. Forming groups Lets form groups s-s saying compliments give each other candy of 3 kinds and form 3 groups 4 min.
III. Goal setting T. suggests s-s to listen to the music and guess the topic of the lesson. S-s should listen to the music and try to guess the topic of the lesson 2 min.
IV. Warm up. T. suggests in groups to give their ideas about “School” S-s in groups complete diagrams “School” , change their works and in groups add some more information about school. Read the best work. 5 min.
V.Pre listening task . T. uses a strategy “ муравейник” S-s find answers to the questions.:

1. Do you like to go to school?

Do you go to school every day?

How many lessons have you got every day?

Is your school large or small?

What subjects do you study?

What is your favourite subject?

Do you wear a uniform?

5 min.
VI. Pre-listening Vocabulary T. suggests s-s to match the words to their definitions. S-s work on the active board, matching the words to the definitions:

Primary, secondary, private, mixed, curriculum, compulsory

5 min.
VII. Listening T. suggests to listen to the text and fill in the missing words in blanks.( school, gymnasium, library, English, Kazakh, break, mixed, physical training, primary, secondary, compulsory. Our ___________ is not very big. It is a modern 3-storey building. More than 1000 pupils study at our _________. Opposite the dining-room there is the ____________There we have our physical training lessons. Besides there are many classrooms for younger pupils there. Our school __________is on the second floor. At school we also have classrooms for_________, Maths,________ , Russian, History, Biology, Geography, Computer Studies.

Schools begins at 1 o clock in the afternoon. We have 5-6 lessons, each of 40 minutes. After the second lesson we have a _________ of 10 minutes. During the breaks we play or walk in the school playground. Our school is_________, it is for boys and girls. We have a gymnasium for_______________. We also learn English, Maths, Kazakh, Russian, Music and other interesting subjects. I started school at the age of 7. At first I attended primary school. The ___________school curriculum included Russian, Maths, English, Drawing, Physical and Music. And than after primary school I went on to ___________school. Secondary school consists of 7 years of classes,5 of which are

5 min.
IX. Assessment

Pair work

T: Make each-other assessment in pairs on the assessment cards.

The text for correctly assessment is written on the active board.

S-s assess their works in pairs.

Assessment sheet

Completing the diagram “School” 1 word 2 words 3 words
1 point 2 points 3 points
Questions-answers” (Муравейник) Finding correctly Finding incorrectly
1 point 0 points
Vocabulary matching 1 word 2 words
1 point 2 points
Completing missing words 1-3 mistake 4-6 mistakes 7 and over mistakes
3 points 1 point 0 points
Comprehension check 1 mistake 2 mistakes 3 and over mistakes
4 point 1 point 0 points
Summary points 14 points – 7 -10 points- 6 points
Mark “5” Mark “4” Mark “3”

Students name:

1 min.
X. Comprehension check.

Group work.

T: you have 10 sentences, the same for every group.

Read them and say are they true or false.

S-s work in three groups. 1. Our school is a modern 3-storey building.

2. More than 1000 pupils study at our school.

3. Oppositee the dining-room there is the gymnasium .

4. Our school library is on the first floor.

5. At school we haven’t classrooms for English, Maths, Kazakh, Russian.

6. Schools begin at 5 oclock in the afternoon.

7. We have 10 lessons, each of 45 minutes.

8. After the second lesson we have a break of 20 minutes. During the breaks we play or walk in the school playground.

9. Our school is only for boys .

10 Secondary school consists of 10 years of classes, 2 of which are compulsory.

5 min.
Assessment in groups. Correctly sentences are written on the active board. S-s assess group works using a strategy “Konveyer” 1 min.
XI. Physical exercises Lets play the game “ Where were you? What did you buy?” for training the past Simple tense and for relaxation S-s: Where were you and what did you buy?

S2: I was in the shop. I bought a Bike, moving as he rides a bike.

4 min.
XII. Work on the project. T: prepare some presentations about school. S-s work in 3 groups:

1 group: about classrooms of school

2 group: about timetable

3 group: about primary and secondary school.

A speaker of the group presents the work.

5 min.
Assessment Assess the presentations using “smiles” Use “smiles” to assess presentations of groups
XIII. Evaluation XIV. Conclusion Give your feedback Discuss the summary points.

Take the stickers and express their opinion about lesson. “2 stars and 1 wish”

2 min.
Task for confident student T: Is it necessary to go to school? A confident student answers this question. 1 min.
Summary points Count summary points and put themselves marks
Home task. Your homework will be a project work “My ideal school”

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